I’m Dianne Ellaine Magtuto

but you can call me 'Didi'.

I'm a Digital Creator / Designer based in Melbourne, Australia.

Most of my time growing up has involved the internet.
My coding and design days started off when all I wanted was for my Neopet shop to be the envy of all.

I was a 13 year old who had an unshakable determination to master the basics of HTML and CSS. I ended up falling in love with designing beautiful digital interfaces and it wasn’t too long before it became second nature. In highschool, not only was I the awkward music nerd, but I was also the resident myspace design expert.

In addition to digital design, I love photography + video! My favourite things to capture are rugged shores, intricate city architecture, and moss-covered trees in the wilderness. My camera makes me brave. To me, photography is so much more than just ‘doing it for the ‘gram’. It’s a way for me to remain present and grounded in times of existential crises (which I have on the daily; such is the life of the creative).

I have attained a BA (Comms), with a triple major in Communications and Media, Philosophy, and Anthropology from The University of Western Australia. Further to this, I’ve also completed graduate study at The University of Melbourne, receiving a Graduate Certificate in Arts and Community Engagement.

So far in my professional journey, I have attained experience in digital marketing + content creation, but have also utilised my communications and project management skills in managing accounts and activities for various NFPs, small businesses, and enterprise-level organisations. Let’s connect on LinkedIn »

In 2016, I started HelpMeFlourish.org with my partner, Mark Salamy. At Flourish, we aim to assist students, graduates, small businesses and start-ups with growing their projects in a mindful and sustainable way. Find out more about HelpMeFlourish.org »

If I’m not binge-watching documentaries or reading philosophical self-help, you can find me having D&Ms while exploring nature, art exhibitions and cultural / music festivals around Australia and the globe.